'PLASTIC ALARM' - 22 min Film

      To all schools and families! Let's create a positive mindset with your kids/students and contribute to mental and environmental health.

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We believe that in this time of crisis, it is important for students to maintain a positive mindset, with the opportunity to feel empowered and enabled to make a positive impact on this planet. This will support their mental health and stimulate happiness by engaging them in productive and creative ways with a focus to protect the marine animals, keep our oceans and waterways protected. Connecting them as a community, while sharing fun and practical sustainable solutions.

Primary & High School COVID-19 Screening License for homeschooling $20 (80 % discounted price)

This is weeks of work planned for you! Included in the cost will be provided a cross-curriculum learning resource (matrix.pdf) of activities covering all Key Learning Areas suitable for Stage 2,3 and 4.

Learning Outcome: This is an opportunity to embrace the cross-curricula priority of sustainability, enable and empower students to make decisions and take actions that contribute to making a more sustainable society.

Learning Outcome: 

- Learning for sustainability, enables and empowers students to make decisions and take actions that contribute to creating a sustainable society and ecosystem. 

- Learning and Leadership approach. This film is the perfect catalyst for students to look at the issue of plastic waste and then develop some strategies.

I loved presenting in schools and community groups via Skype

If you would like to book in for a special 40 min live online PLASTIC FREE BOY presentation or Zoom, Skype or Google Classroom( 20 min Film + 20 min presentation) please


The 'Plastic Free Boy' visit at Pre Schools has been super popular and a lot of fun. Book a real-life Super Hero: Arlian aka 'Plastic Free Boy' for an unforgettable experience which will change the lifes of your kids forefer.

PEER TO PEER EDUCATION with IMPACT                      The film 'PLASTIC ALARM' 

Over 300 000 students globally have seen the 22 min film PLASTIC ALARM: Inspired and Empowered they feel enabled to create future solutions to save their environment from plastic pollution. Positive climate action is the best way to feel empowered and inspired. The new generation is the generation that will take on a new challenge by creating a cool movement. Together as a team.



I am on a mission! On my 11th (January 2017) birthday i saw 3 Sea Turtles getting released back into the ocean. I asked my mum: 'Why are they not in the ocean?' She said: 'Because of Plastic Pollution'. As I felt really upset. Together with my mum Karin Ecker, who is a professional film maker, who made many underwater documentaries for TV we decided to tell the story of the turtles, which then became the massive story of Plastic, to help the Turtles and other marine life.  Over 8 million tons of plastic pollution ends up in ocean every year killing 100 000s of marine animals. Our aim of making films together is to  educate kids about the problems and solutions of plastic pollution.  After  11 months of working together and being on national TV, she had produced our 22 min documentary PLASTIC ALARM. The film has up to date screened to over 290 000 kids in Australia and overseas. Kids are empowered to make better decisions and united to co-create a waste free future together because we care !

Please support our crowdfunding to make more films.

In July 2019 I was honoured to be the youngest speaker at the 2019 Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayors’ Forum



Dear Arlian,

I am writing to congratulate you on your presentation at this year's Asia Pacific Cities Summit.

For someone so young to be invited to speak at such a significant Summit with around 90 Mayors and other senior representatives from over 125 Cities and nearly 1500 delegates from around the Asia Pacific region is a huge honour and is a testimony of the high regard in which you are held.

This Summit is now regarded as the second largest cities  Summit is the Asia Pacific Region.

You presented the case to free our oceans of plastic in a coherent and compelling way.

You presented the facts with an appropriate level of passion and commitment to your cause in a convincing way that had credibility with the audience.

It is not easy to present in this way and you showed a maturity beyond your years.

Arlian I thank you as a former Lord Mayor of Brisbane for presenting at the Summit. You can hold your head high knowing that you presented yourself professionally but importantly in the process presented the merits of your campaign to free our oceans of plastic to a very high effect.

I wish you well on your journey and trust that you continue to effectively campaign on this critical issue into the future .

With kind regards, Graham Quirk, Former Lord Mayor of Brisbane, 2011 – 2019.


Many kids already live in an environment like this. 2 billion tons of plastic waste is produced every year. 8 million tons of it ends up i the ocean, killing marine animals and destroying the ocean. We need the ocean. Every 2nd breath we take comes from the ocean. By  2050 there will be more Plastic in the Ocean than Fish. 2.6 Billion people depend on Sea Food as their main food. It will also have severe consequences on our Climate. A Micro Plastic Disaster. We are in this together!

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER - changing the world

Education is key!!! My film PLASTIC ALARM show in schools and community groups around the world about the problems and solutions of plastic pollution is already making a difference! Please help me show this film to all kids in school.

'You have really inspired all of us to try and reduce the amount of plastic we use and also to convince our families and other members of our community to do the same. Thank you for trying to make the world we live in a better place.'        St. Oliver Plunketts School, Victoria, Australia.

Please help me show this film to all kids in school.

WE can make this a fun and cool movement!


Primary & High School

INCURSION: Presentation at schools and community groups 45 min presentation (22min film + presentation)  Optional: Schools can raise funds to improve their waste management. 50% of proceeds stay with the school.

Karin and arlian at lighthouse

THANK YOU to my mum and professional film maker, who has worked with me on my campaign for 3 years now. "I love to empower and inspire my son and other kids to look after their future environment, to ensure they have a sustainable future ahead of them. We hope to reach many kids internationally. Because of my experience as a global citizen and international documentary film maker I see a global vision emerging and hope to inspire many to join us."

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It's time for a young 'David Attenborough' to educate and empower the young generations  towards a sustainable future planet by showcasing and inspiring solutions. After over 290 000 students globally having seen my film, we are ready to go BIG. Are you ready?



Please help me with the crowdfunding for making more films for my campaign.

  • PLASTIC ALARM 2  for Pre-schools (done)
  • PLASTIC ALARM 3 for High Schools. (in the making)
  • a feature documentary
  • tour to schools in other countries showing solutions
  • ongoing videos for our 'TURTALLY COOL' campaign
  • Film showing how effects of plastic pollution on the Coral Reef and Marine Life, showcasing solutions (in the making)


Your  Donation  will support the research and production of the sequel to 'Plastic Alarm'. We are also committed to sending the films out for free to less developed countries, who cannot afford the license fee. Eventually we would like to be supported in our ongoing film making campaign to make all of our films available for no cost. This information is too important to not be seen. If you would like to support our ongoing mission, please send us an email to info@plasticfreeboy.com

The sequel in production will be about saving our amazing Great Barrier Reef showing coral spawning, coral restoration and lots of interviews with scientists. Civic science projects are high on our list to be included in the film so students can engage directly. We want to show how plastic affects the coral reefs inspiring further with lots of ways we can safe them. Presented by Plastic Free Boy.  Let's create a global Movement. 

Let's empower the younger generation to have a voice for their future by making environmental activism part of the school curriculum. Peer to peer education like my Films have great result in empowering students to act and making responsibility for the environment 'the core value'. Education with Action creates Impact. 


Plastic Free Boy KEEP CUP - Our Solution


2.7 million single use Coffee Cups get used every day in Australia alone. That is 1 Billion each year.

Instead of using single use Coffe Cups you can use one of our PLASTIC FREE BOY - Keep Cups and save a Turtle. Be part of the Solution today. #plasticfreeboy #turtally cool

So, I (with the help of my mum, who is a film maker) have come a long way since we made the story of plastic pollution and Sea Turtles. One of the people who inspired me and gave me the feeling I can do this, is Dave Rastovich (soul surfer) who has been on board to support my mission since the beginning. Thank you Dave. Together we bring this into schools around the world and create a movement of Change! More Info
Arlian & Dave Rastovich @ Mission Safe Turtles from Plastic

Thank you CHRIS HEMSWORTH for YOUR support. Being a superhero is not always easy especially when it is on a kids level. But I believe that us kids all are super heroes as we will keep this planet and all the living beings save from our PLASTIC POLLUTION. Thank you for your kind words: "Well done Arlian for having the courage and passion to stand up and fight for something so important and I’d encourage you to continue to have the strength to keep pushing forward".

Chris Hemsworth and Arlian copy

Last year I was chosen out of 800 children to be featured in an ABC episode of 'Dirtgirl' as the 'Plastic Free Boy', who is teaching her about plastic. ('Dirtgirl' is an awesome kids TV show that has aired to 34 different countries including USA and Canada), Thank you for helping me to get the message out!

Arlian and Dirtgirl smallest 3

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