Plastic Free Boy Call to action for 2021

I feel it's time to give back and to care for Nature. I would love to share knowledge of what precious gift we are receiving by just being here. Are you ready to be enchanted and hear some stories and fun facts about the environment that makes Byron Bay the iconic place it is? It is magical.

If we appreciate more why we need a thriving environment around us, then I hope, maybe people will join me in giving back, restoring, and caretaking. Hey, I make it fun!

After you will know about

What trees are and their magic abilities. 

Fun Facts about wildlife.

The amazing ocean and its wonderous spell it has on us.

The surprising history of Byron Bay, and the lighthouse. 

Byron Bay Eco Walk
Eco Walk Poster - Plastic Free Boy copy

Our tours are at 4 pm on most days. Please send us a request to see if there is a space available on the day you would like to join us or call us on 0410395368. 

Cost: $25/person, $20/child, $100/family. We meet at Captain Cook Car Park. Duration of the walk. 1.5 hr to 2 hours. Meeting at 4 pm. Please contact us if you would like to book other times of the day if this time does not suit you.



"Arlian, Thank you so much for yesterday. The boys imparted many wee nuggets of information today, things they learned from you which really captured their imagination...

Arlian you have a beautiful ability to make an impression and to convey information, so a big thank you." Rebecca Righwhite

"We absolutely loved the tour! My family and I learned about trees and how they form communities as well as lots of interesting animal encounters. We saw wallabies, eagles, dolphins and a gonna. Arlian is such a warm and knowledgeable host. He made every single one of us feel part of something really special. Highly recommended." Kelly Barrett