A TV star is being born

5 more sleeps til myself is born a TV star called PLASTIC FREE BOY. haha, just kidding. I just hope to get my message out to as many kids a possible and round up everyone who can help save the Turtles and all the other living beings dying from plastic including ourselves. DIRTGIRL cares about the environment as much as I do, so we are a good team. I was doing this film before the wonderful DIRTGIRL asked me to come on her show. My mum Karin Ecker is a professional film maker, who has made films with kids speaking out about Dolphins, Whales, the ocean, plastic, overfishing etc. even before I was born. She is the original mermaid, (I tell you this story another time) Together we started making this film called PLASTIC ALARM about Plastic killing Turtles in January, when we saw 3 Sea Turtles being released on the beach in Byron Bay. Back into the ocean where their home is.  I asked myself, why they were not in the ocean already and voila  … we have been diving deeply into answering that question, which has opened up the Pandoras Box. Thanks to DIRTGIRL I have the chance to share my concerns about plastic with her on ABC TV on Wednesday at 8.20 am. Come and watch the show and join me on my TURTALLY COOL MISSION

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