Climate Change and solutions

Climate change is forcing us to look at solutions as a cross curriculum priority in school and hopefully also in our daily lives. What can kids do? I am so happy to show my film PLASTIC ALARM at my school the Byron Bay Public school. I hope it can reach many children in other schools as well. My aim is to connect kids all around the country on this important issue and join a voice for the future.

I believe that us kids and students have to think about the solutions now and not wait for others to work it out for us. It has been a great experience to show my film to a few local schools and watch the kids of all ages getting inspired. It makes me think what can happen when hundreds of schools show this film to their students. We get activated. Us kids need to be able to have a say in it, because how will we feel in the future, if we did not have this chance? What do you think about this? I would love to get the feedback from teachers, students and anyone who has a thought on how to help the kids to save their future environment. We are all in this together. 'Turtally' cool.

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