WIN- WIN - Screening License for our 22min film PLASTIC ALARM

Screen this film to your whole school  + for a $2/viewer donation, we are happy to give 50% of the proceeds to the school to improve their waste management. You will receive your own screening link. 

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This is our Trailer for the Film. We want to take to 30 min so it can be used in schools.

Here is a video of PLASTIC FREE BOY launching PLASTIC FREE JULY.

PLASTIC FREE BOY whale watching.

This shows a different point of view. The point of view of the Plastic Bottle. It has superpowers of staying around for 1000 years. Not to be missed. A Power to be harnessed and carefully used.

This film is good to show young people at heart as they appreciate the humour in it.

This is a beach clean up we did . Highly recommend it as we really found a lot of rubbish.

Micro Plastic and how dangerous it will be for our Future Generation as Fish eat it.