PLASTIC FREE Boy school workshop


Thank you for being a part of the PLASTIC FREE KIDS movement! Help us and create future leaders of tomorrow.

‘Plastic Alarm’ features 11-year-old Arlian aka Plastic Free Boy sets out to inspire and educate kids and students around the world about the problems and solutions of plastic pollution. The film has been shown to over 790 000 students in Australia and overseas with the core message you are never too young or too small to make a difference. Our peer-to-peer education has shown great results in educating and inspiring students to reduce plastic waste as well as impacted with follow-up projects that have reduced waste from 20% -to 80%.

You will receive a link to our online workshop.

Included is an interactive online workshop with Plastic Free Boy empowering kids to join the Future of Waste-Free Heroes as part of the PLASTIC FREE KIDS movement for families.

Please find attached the download link to our 2-hour lesson plan, with links to the Australian Curriculum links for years 4-10 provided for assessment purposes.

Some of the curriculum areas you can expect to cover include:

  • Mathematics (using data to create and interpret graphic representations)

  • English (persuasive text structure, language features, and creating of texts)

  • Science (using scientific knowledge to solve problems and inform decision-making)

In addition to this, the following general capabilities are also addressed:

  • Numeracy

  • Literacy

  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Capability

  • Creative and Critical Thinking

  • Personal and Social Capability

And, of course, the cross-curriculum priority of Sustainability.

It is intended to be completed over a 2-hour period, however, could easily be extended if time and student engagement allow! There is scope for passionate teachers and students to delve deeper into each section of the lesson and expand their understanding. There are also optional follow-up and home-learning activities suggested. Throughout the lesson, we have provided options for teachers to select the most suitable choice for their class. Students also receive a Plastic Free Boy certificate as a ‘Plastic Free Boy – Change Maker’.

We offer an awesome transdisciplinary STEM follow-up lesson, which your students will find engaging, relevant, challenging, and significant. It gives them the opportunity to join Arlian’s mission and become ‘Plastic Free Boy – Change Makers’ to make them part of something big!

This lesson has been created as a follow-up to the ‘Plastic Alarm’ documentary. It is intended to further provoke students to think about their impact on our waterways and oceans and how they can lead others in changing their behavior. Students will feel empowered and understand why they need to change their behaviors and the impacts that their waste choices have on the environment, oceans, waterways, and our health.

We hope teachers can include them as ‘peer teachers’ during this lesson. The learning results, as well as the empowerment of students through peer-to-peer education, is well documented. Therefore we hope for these ‘Change Makers’ to be included in leading their class in discussions, provide extra information where needed, and give feedback, wherever possible.





Empowering your students to become leaders and waste warriors within your school. Inquiry-based and project-based learning is the key to unleash the imagination and creativity of young minds. With the purchase, you will receive a link to our school resource
  • the download link of 22 min film PLASTIC ALARM
  • the download of a 2-hour PFB Waste Free Lesson Plan for Grades 4 – 10 targeting English, maths, and science outcome of the Australian Curriculum.
  • 45 min changemaker workshop (link to online streaming will be sent separately)


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